1) Slovak Philosophy Olympiad on the EU Issues

i) 2023/2024. In October our faculty welcomed 169 high-school students who attended the first round of the philosophy Olympiad. Winners of the first round were awarded during a ceremony in January 2024 and they attended the second qualifying round of the Olympiad. Two most successful students plan to attend the international round in Helsinki in May.



2) Public talks and/or discussions on Climate, Conflict and Migration from the European Perspective

i) National Parks with Marian Jasik and Daniel Dite. The first public discussion on an environmental topic was held on April 18, 2024. More information is on our faculty website and a recording is available on Youtube.



3) Project website and media presence

4) Online materials

5) Research on the European Perspectives on Climate, Conflict and Migration

We plan to publish 3 scholarly papers on the topics of the project.

Useful links

Stefania Achella and David Levente Palatinus (eds.): Itinerari LIX – Perspectives in the Anthropocene: Beyond Nature and Culture? Collana: Itinerari, 2020. (A special issue of a journal edited by our project leader, also on the topics of our EUPECCOM project.) open access pdf