Climate change, domestic and international conflicts and migration are some of the most pressing problems of today not only for the globalized world but also for Europe and the European Union. There is, therefore, a need for critical examination of these issues, which may help the public and especially young students to get a better insight into the questions shaping Europe today, and to be more involved in the discussions surrounding them. The European Perspectives on Climate, Conflict and Migration (EUPECCOM) project responds to this need by engaging both university and high school students and wider public in a critical debate about these topics. The project aims to direct the attention of students to the interconnected issues of climate, conflict and migration; to raise awareness about these issues not only among students but also among a wider public; to improve transferable skills and competences of students – their critical skills, creativity, digital skills and their ability to take a stance on crucial issues facing the EU today; and, finally, to join scholarly debate about these issues. To this end, the project offers (for all BA students at one of our faculties) a module of three courses, which, first, critically examine the most pressing issues of the EU today, second, explore how popular media shape our ideas about terrorism, and, finally, analyse in detail the topics of climate, conflict and migration as well as their media representation. In addition, the project involves a strong outreach component to engage high school students (from the whole country) via a philosophical Olympiad, and the wider public via invited public talks and via significant media and online presence (videos prepared by students about selected issues of the EU). Finally, there is a research dimension which will result in three scholarly publications examining the project main topics of climate, conflict and migration and how they are represented in public domain.